One Year Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day!

That’s right, folks. February 14th marks my one year anniversary of publishing. My first story was, fittingly enough, the novella Valentine’s Heart. Since then I’ve published a further three full-length novels in the Heart Series. And while I’m pleased and proud to have accomplished what I did, it still fell far short of what I’d hoped for.

Somehow, after the heady rush of getting those first few stories out, I fell down the rabbit hole of learning marketing and other author business-y things. In doing so, I lost all focus on the creative side.

Now, as I start my second year of being a published author, I’m having a long, hard think about where to go from here. And I’ve concluded that writing stories is what got me started down this path in the first place and I must put content creation first no matter how pressing the other parts of my business might seem. So let that be my mantra for the rest of 2017!

To mark the occasion, I’m running a special sale on the first two books in the Heart Series. For the entire week, both What the Heart Wants and Drawing from the Heart are only 99 cents each. If you haven’t read them, this is the perfect time to grab copies. If you have, feel free to tell any family members or friends who might enjoy the stories of Elle and Nicholas, and Maggie and Paul.

Here are the Amazon links:

Get What the Heart Wants

Get Drawing from the Heart

I hope everyone has a very happy Valentine’s Day. And remember, there’s no real need for a special day to celebrate romance because love is all around us as long as we live our lives with hearts wide open!





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