First Manuscript In Editing!

Well, the big day has arrived and my very first manuscript, What the Heart Wants, is finally in editing. I was riddled with anxiety over finding the right editor. It had to be someone who would understand and like my story and yet be tough as nails. I’m so thankful that Kathleen Lapeyre of  Indie Editing by Kathy has agreed to take me on as a new client. Kathleen has decades of experience in the editing world and I have every confidence she’ll take my story and polish it up until it’s shining like a diamond.

Reaching this point has been a long journey, much longer than I ever anticipated, but I’ve honestly loved every step of the process. When I think back now, the book I thought I was going to write is so very different from what I’ve actually produced. I expect it’s a bit like having a baby. During the gestation period, you imagine the new life growing inside, imagine what he or she might be like, but it’s only when that little person comes out into the world and you can look them in the eyes, that you finally see them for who they are.

To keep the analogy going a little longer, I’ve now handed my brand new baby into the capable hands of the doctor so that she can be weighed and measured and checked for any deficiencies. I can’t wait until she’s returned, safe and sound, wrapped in a little pink blanket and ready to meet the world.

I’ll keep you posted.



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