What the Heart Wants

What the Heart Wants
Series: Heart Series, Book 1
Genre: Contemorary Romance
Publication Year: April 2016
Length: Novel
She’s a horse whisperer. He’s a slick city lawyer. Who’d have thought they’d be perfect for one another?
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About the Book


With another crushing breakup behind her, Elle Roberts is done with love. These days all her energy is devoted to her equestrian business. That is until Nicholas Sterling arrives with his horse, Leo. After one ride, she’s convinced she can help the troubled animal. But what about the man? Sure he’s rich and charming and ridiculously handsome, but Elle assures herself she’s not interested. Turns out that’s a big fat lie.
Nicholas knows he’s damaged. And damaged people don’t deserve love. But something extraordinary happens when he’s with Elle. For the first time in his life, he’s able to trust. In her. And in them. The future stretches before him, filled with glorious possibilities. And he’s happy. Incredibly, unbelievably happy. But no sooner are they settled into their relationship than a tragic event triggers Nicholas’s deepest insecurities.
Can Elle find a way to heal his heart or will this ultimately tear them apart?


If you yearn for romance with deep emotional connections between the characters – this is the story you’ve been waiting for.
What the Heart Wants is the first novel in the Heart Series. Each book follows the story of one woman all the way to her happily-ever-after. The Heart Series continues on with Drawing from the Heart and Feeding the Heart, also available on Amazon.

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