Valentine’s Heart

Valentine’s Heart
Series: Heart Series, Book 0
Genre: Contemorary Romance
Publication Year: February 2016
Length: Novella
Suzanne knows all about the way losing those you love can damage one's heart. When a Valentine's Day party and an accident bring two new souls into her life, will she finally be able to once again open herself to love?
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About the Book

It has been two long and lonely years since my parents died in a car accident. In fact, it’s only recently I’ve managed to find my footing again, and I have my new career in the food industry to thank for saving my sanity. I count myself lucky to have found a passion in my life.

Except for tonight, because if it wasn’t for this catering gig, there’s no way on earth I’d be out at a Valentine’s Day party. But here I am, in a ballroom covered with roses and red table clothes, serving food to several hundred accountants. Who would have thought they’d be such a romantic bunch? Every time I walk along the far side of the room, I purposely avert my eyes from the couples locked together and swaying on the dance floor. Love and romance are not high on my list of priorities. Truth be told, they don’t even make the list. And I’m totally and absolutely fine with my life as a singleton.

It turns out fate has a remarkably good senses of humor, though, because this is the night I meet Derek in all his cleft-chin, model-cheekbones, melty-eyed glory. The world recedes as I lose myself in his gaze…but I snap back to myself just as quickly. This is not a road I’m willing to go down, at least, not tonight.

I honestly don’t think I would have given Derek another thought, but the next thing that happens is so unexpected and brings us together in a way I could never have imagined. Now I’m faced with a huge choice – I can either stay on my chosen course of safe isolation or open my heart and let his love in.

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