Feeding the Heart

Feeding the Heart
Series: Heart Series, Book 3
Genre: Contemorary Romance
Publication Year: June 2016
Length: Novel
She thinks she’s unlovable. He refuses to let her go. Can the power of love overcome any odds?
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About the Book

After two failed marriages and an ongoing struggle with anorexia, Annabelle knows she’s a bad bet when it comes to love. And that’s fine. Absolutely and perfectly fine. Her life is full enough as it is. She has her sweet horse, Jessie, a wonderful group of friends, and a caring if somewhat domineering older brother. What more could a girl want or need?

When Alex meets Annabelle, he’s drawn like a moth to the flame. Her beauty is fragile and though she keeps him at arm’s length, something calls to him on a deeper lever. Finally, he begins to understand the reason she’s pushing him away, but he’s more determined than ever to help.

At first, Annabelle thinks she can make it work with Alex. At least for a little while. All she has to do hide her anorexia and pretend to be normal, whole, someone worth loving. When her illness flares up she’s convinced all is lost. But Alex holds his ground, stubbornly refusing to walk away.

Is love really strong enough to heal a broken soul?


If you yearn for romance with deep emotional connections between the characters – this is the story you’ve been waiting for.


Cover Image: Shutterstock.com/Roman Seliutin

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