Drawing from the Heart

Drawing from the Heart
Series: Heart Series, Book 2
Genre: Contemorary Romance
Publication Year: May 2016
Length: Novel
She’s looking for Mr. Right. He only has eyes for her. Why can’t she see what’s right in front of her?
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About the Book




Maggie has fallen in love too many times to count. And every single time she thought she’d found The One. Convinced she’s been fishing in the wrong pond, she decides to make a change. No more musicians. Or artists. And especially no skater boys. Even if they are ridiculously buff and tattooed. Her next boyfriend is going to be a bona fide grownup. A career guy. With a suit and tie and everything. Doesn’t mean he won’t be hot. She’ll make sure of that.

Paul can hardly believe his good fortune when he and Maggie find themselves sharing a house. He’s had a serious crush on her ever since they started working together and though the living situation may only be short term, he intends to make every day count. Then the worst happens. Maggie starts dating Bryce, one of his older brothers. And not the nice one.

Bryce is exactly what Maggie’s looking for. She should be deliriously happy, but things aren’t nearly as perfect as she imagined they would be. Is this relationship just another big fat mistake?


If you yearn for romance with deep emotional connections between the characters – this is the story you’ve been waiting for.
Drawing from the Heart is the second novel in the Heart Series. Each book follows the story of one woman all the way to her happily ever after. Other books in the series, What the Heart Wants and Feeding the Heart, are also available on Amazon


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