Another Cover Reveal and Exciting Publishing News

WTHW-cover.More news on the publishing front. My very first full-length novel is ready to be unleashed on the world. April 1, 2016, is set as the Amazon publication date for What the Heart Wants. I know, April Fool’s Day, but I swear it’s no joke! I’m thrilled with the cover and excited to reveal it to you now, in advance of the book release,

I began writing this novel on November 30, 2012. Back then, I was consumed with terror, and not at all certain I would ever finish the story let alone make it to the point of publishing. It has been a long and winding road, filled with equal parts self-doubt, excitement, and joy. I had plenty of help along the way starting with a wonderful group of beta reader who collectively encouraged me ever onward. After no less than ten drafts, I nervously handed it over to my editor, Kathleen Lapeyre, and she helped polish it up and push me all the way to the finish line. On April 1, 2016, the marathon will finally be complete.

I can honestly say the process of creating the story of Elle and Nicholas has been a true labour of love. In my mind, they are as real as you or I, and in a strange way, the act of turning them over to the world is a daunting prospect. Will they be safe and happy out there on their own? Will they make friends? Will everyone love them as I much as I do?

In the end, I have to trust that I raised them well, and by providing a solid storyline and strength of character, they will happily flourish.

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