HelloP1000664 there. My name is Marion Myles and I’m an author. I’m currently hard at work on a romance series which is being published on Amazon this year.

I haven’t always been a writer! I spent the first few decades of my life as a professional equestrian and travelled across North America training horses and competing at horse shows. After amassing more concussions than your average hockey player, I’m now stepping away from the horsey life though I do still ride and teach several times a week.

Aside from horses, I’ve had an enduring love affair with the written word. My reading interests run the gamut from mystery to fantasy to general fiction and even young adult, but when push comes to shove, my heart definitely lies in the romance section.

When not riding or writing, I devote any spare moments to battling a debilitating addiction to Smarties and stalking my favourite authors on the internet. I’m proud to say there are currently no restraining orders filed against me.

I live in Southern Ontario with my beloved dachshund and my husband (also very much beloved)!