One Year Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day!

That’s right, folks. February 14th marks my one year anniversary of publishing. My first story was, fittingly enough, the novella Valentine’s Heart. Since then I’ve published a further three full-length novels in the Heart Series. And while I’m pleased and proud to have accomplished what I did, it still fell far short of what I’d hoped for.

Somehow, after the heady rush of getting those first few stories out, I fell down the rabbit hole of learning marketing and other author business-y things. In doing so, I lost all focus on the creative side.

Now, as I start my second year of being a published author, I’m having a long, hard think about where to go from here. And I’ve concluded that writing stories is what got me started down this path in the first place and I must put content creation first no matter how pressing the other parts of my business might seem. So let that be my mantra for the rest of 2017!

To mark the occasion, I’m running a special sale on the first two books in the Heart Series. For the entire week, both What the Heart Wants and Drawing from the Heart are only 99 cents each. If you haven’t read them, this is the perfect time to grab copies. If you have, feel free to tell any family members or friends who might enjoy the stories of Elle and Nicholas, and Maggie and Paul.

Here are the Amazon links:

Get What the Heart Wants

Get Drawing from the Heart

I hope everyone has a very happy Valentine’s Day. And remember, there’s no real need for a special day to celebrate romance because love is all around us as long as we live our lives with hearts wide open!





Paperback Editions Available!

It’s been a long time coming but I finally have the individual books in my Heart Series available in paperback format. I know most of you are addicted to your e-readers but I still get the odd request for a real live book and I’m happy to finally be able to meet the needs of those fans!

If any of you are interested in checking them out on Amazon here is a link to my author page. Marion Myles Author Page

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m planning something special so keep an eye on this page, follow me on Facebook, or better yet, sign up for my VIP Reader List so you don’t miss out!

I hope everyone’s surviving the winter and getting lots of reading done. I’ve been on a JD Robb kick of late and am eagerly awaiting the next In Death book which comes out on Feb 7th – only three more days! I sure do love Eve and Roarke! What’s everyone else reading these days?




Novella Giveaway on InstaFreebie!

I know it can be a risky venture trying out a brand new author. What if you plonk down your hard-earned money and don’t like their writing style? What if the story isn’t captivating?

So, with this in mind, I’ve decided to run a giveaway of my prequel novella, Valentine’s Heart. It’s a perfect way to try out one of my books with zero risk. Plus, if you like what you read, this story is a nice primer for the Heart Series and you can carry right on reading.

If this idea piques your interest – all you have to do is click the link below. It will send you over to InstaFreebie where you’ll be directed to sign up for my VIP Reader List following which  you can immediately download the story.

Still not convinced? Go ahead and read the first chapter to whet your appetite. Click here ->  VALENTINE’S HEART CHAPTER ONE

Okay, here’s your big chance to get a free copy of the novella.  GET MY FREE STORY

Hope you enjoy the story of Suzanne and Derek!




New Covers!


Well, I’ve gone and done it – redesigned all my covers! I’m absolutely thrilled with the end result and hope this gives the series a better branding. After all, no matter how the saying goes everyone knows you judge a book by the cover! I certainly do, at any rate. I hope you like them.

In other news, I’m still working away on Hannah’s story but don’t yet have a firm publication date. I’ll be sure to let you know when I know…

Hope everyone’s had a safe and happy summer. I don’t know what it was like in your neck of the woods, but around here, in Cambridge, Ontario, it’s been hot as Hades for the last few months. I know better than to complain ( since I’m convinced if the weather gods are listening I will be punished with one of those wicked polar vortex winters like we had a year or so back! ) but I may have been caught muttering to myself from time to time.

Anyway, I hear Hannah calling. Really, I shouldn’t have left her alone right now because she’s stressed to the max what with Maggie’s upcoming wedding and Shane and…*clamps hand over mouth*…Okay, I’ve probably said too much already. I’d better get back to finishing her story.



Book Release, Writing News, and Facebook

FTH-Amacon-coverI’m well behind on posting the news, but book three of the Heart Series is available on AMAZON. In Feeding the Heart, we follow the story of Annabelle and Alex. Poor Annabelle has spent most of her life battling an eating disorder and after two failed marriages, she’s convinced any chance of  finding love has long since passed her by. Alexie Romanov is a new character in the series. When we first meet him at the beginning of the story, he’s in the process of transitioning into a second career after having conquered the world of MotoGP racing. Hailing from a close-knit and well-to-do family, and possessing stunning Latin looks, he seems to have the world by the tail. But image and looks can be deceiving for Alex is haunted by the tragic loss of his younger brother.  Although the attraction between them is strong, Annabelle is terrified of opening herself up to love. Luckily for Annabelle ( and for us! ) it turns out Alex can be very persuasive. This is a deeply emotional story and one I truly enjoyed writing. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

As I type this post, I’m hard at work on Heart Series Book Four.  There’s no title as of yet. Sometimes I know immediately what my next book will be called, and sometimes, like this story, it comes to me in its own sweet time. I can tell you it’s all about Hannah this time out. If you’ve been reading along in the series, you know she had a gigantic crush on…well, I won’t say any more in case I spoil it for anyone. Let’s just say that Hannah, despite all her smarts, has yet to figure out the game of love. The new story is coming along nicely although things are a bit touch and go for Hannah at the moment. See, she’s finally back at school working on her PhD. Everything is going perfectly. Even her love life is falling nicely into place but then something happens. Something big and horrible. Now she’s kind of floundering around trying to get her bearings. And, I’ll be honest with you, I’m not totally sure she’s with the right guy. Keep your fingers crossed for her, she could use a little luck right about now. This book is due to be published in October. In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted with title and cover news along the way, and perhaps slip a few excerpts out here and there.

Finally, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve joined Facebook! Yeah, yeah, I hear you – talk about showing up late to the party. But better late than never. Now that I’m here, I’m drinking the punch and eating the food and dancing like nobody’s watching. Okay, not really, but I am enjoying my shiny new toy and plan on posting regularly so go check out my PAGE

Okay folks, that’s all for now. Hope everyone’s having a great summer. I’ll be in touch soon.





Drawing from the Heart

DFTH-Amazon-coverThe big day has arrived for the release of my second full-length novel, Drawing from the Heart! Writing the first book, What the Heart Wants, was an absolute pleasure and I particularly enjoyed the scenes involving Maggie. Even after it was completed, her voice kept chattering away in my head, demanding to be heard. As thrilling as it was to watch Elle and Nicholas overcome the final hurdle and find their happily-ever-after, Maggie was left nursing a broken heart and I couldn’t bear to leave her in such sad circumstances. So, here is her story. I hope you love her journey to love as much as I did.

As a special promotion, I’ve set both Valentine’s Heart and What the Heart Wants to free over the next few days making this the perfect time to get into the Heart Series!


Another Cover Reveal and Exciting Publishing News

WTHW-cover.More news on the publishing front. My very first full-length novel is ready to be unleashed on the world. April 1, 2016, is set as the Amazon publication date for What the Heart Wants. I know, April Fool’s Day, but I swear it’s no joke! I’m thrilled with the cover and excited to reveal it to you now, in advance of the book release,

I began writing this novel on November 30, 2012. Back then, I was consumed with terror, and not at all certain I would ever finish the story let alone make it to the point of publishing. It has been a long and winding road, filled with equal parts self-doubt, excitement, and joy. I had plenty of help along the way starting with a wonderful group of beta reader who collectively encouraged me ever onward. After no less than ten drafts, I nervously handed it over to my editor, Kathleen Lapeyre, and she helped polish it up and push me all the way to the finish line. On April 1, 2016, the marathon will finally be complete.

I can honestly say the process of creating the story of Elle and Nicholas has been a true labour of love. In my mind, they are as real as you or I, and in a strange way, the act of turning them over to the world is a daunting prospect. Will they be safe and happy out there on their own? Will they make friends? Will everyone love them as I much as I do?

In the end, I have to trust that I raised them well, and by providing a solid storyline and strength of character, they will happily flourish.

Read the first chapter Here





Writing News and Cover Reveal

VH-cover-final.Some very exciting news from my writing desk! I have recently completed Valentine’s Heart. This novella is the kick-off to the Heart Series and will be released on February 14, 2016 just in time for Valentine’s Day. It is a sweet story about Suzanne and Derek and how they met and fell in love. Check back here for information on where to find it on Amazon or join my Newsletter and I’ll send you details about the release. I’m thrilled with both the story and the cover and cannot wait to send it out into the world. Readers will also be introduced to Elle, the main character from What the Heart Wants, which is the first full-length novel in the series and due to be published in early April 2016. If you would like to read a short excerpt of either story, simply click on their title in this blog post to be taken directly to the page.



My Goodbye to David Bowie

The news of David Bowie’s passing yesterday hit me hard and deep. His songs were the soundtrack of my teenage years and beyond. I saw him in concert three times, owned every album he ever made, read probably twenty biographies and watched all of his movies. I ordered VHS tapes of old concert footage (which I still have in a drawer under the TV ) and hunted up obscure magazine interviews in the pre-internet age when the only way to do so was by physically trolling second-hand book stores and head shops. I was a true fan.

Throughout his life, he was prolific in the extreme. The thing that’s struck me the most about his final eighteen months, during which time he was well aware of the ticking clock, is the way he determinedly continued to create for as long as he possibly could. I guess, in the end, that’s what an artist does. He creates. David’s final album was released on his birthday, two days before his passing. I’ve only heard one track so far, but it is a beautiful song written by a man staring straight-on at his own mortality.

How fearless and amazing of him to create art born from his own impending death. Despite my sadness, I find it incredibly inspiring. His example is clear. As an artist, there’s no good reason not to create. Everything experienced, even the most difficult thing we can imagine, is an opportunity to be felt and used, and ultimately, to provide fuel in the process of producing art. I only hope I can be that brave in my own life.




I love New Year’s. Not the night itself, mind you since I’m well past the age of partying until the break of dawn. In fact, last night I didn’t even see ten-thirty let alone stay awake long enough to usher in 2016. I guess what I love is the idea of starting fresh.

It’s the first day of a brand new year, and as of yet – to borrow the words of Anne Shirley – there are no mistakes in it. 2016 is a clean slate, a do-over, a jumping off point. As I sit here contemplating the next 365 days, I suddenly feel that anything is possible.

Having admitted to the above, it may come as a surprise to hear that I’m cautious with New Year’s resolutions. See, I’ve been down that road far too many times. Writing out the lists of exercise plans and new diets and daily must do’s. The initial wave of euphoria is surely powerful and can carry me along on its crest for many a day, but inevitably, somewhere around January 23rd, it rolls into shore and deposits me on the sand before racing away again.

And I’m left with a gym membership I won’t use and a fridge full of lemons or marinated tofu chunks or whatever the fad diet called for, but remain otherwise entirely unchanged. Or even worse, deeply discouraged and resentful.

So even though there won’t be any grand resolutions from me, I will use this time to reflect a great deal. Instead of a detailed list of changes, I’m simply going to visualize the type of life I want to lead and the kind of person I want to be, and work hard to keep the vision at the forefront of my mind. For it’s often said, whatever the mind can conceive and the heart can believe, you will achieved.

Happy 2016 everyone! I hope you are looking forward with an open heart and a soul filled with optimism.